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 Hello guys and dolls. Thank you very much for taking the time to view my site.  If you take time out of your busy day to pay attention to my work, I am a very appreciative and lucky lady.  My name is Meghan, I guess you could call me a bit of a Jack of all Trades.  I also happen to be a pretty decent cook when I want!  I am based in great big awesome and Exciting Toronto, Ontario Canada.  Born and raised in London Ontario, I decided to embark on a journey to the West Coast for my training at Blanche Macdonald where I received my Makeup Artistry Diploma and ultimately fell in love with body art and the medium of my dreams.  I owe part of my artistic  growth to the lovely scenery in Vancouver; it was tranquil and inspiring.  Artistically inclined since I could hold a crayon, growing up I discovered my talent for drawing with my main focus being portraiture, realism and anime.  Portraits are one of my hallmarks; I believe the soul resides in the face.  I can easily spot kind eyes, as well as look at a 90-year-old and notice the child inside them.   I know who I am and I just paint what the little voices tell me to.  That's the beauty part.  I am of English, Irish, German and Scottish descent...possibly some Dutch.  Don't be fooled by my baby-face.  I'm educated by my wakefulness and the observations I've accumulated during my 30 years on planet Enigma (I arrive with the best intentions).  I can also thank my friends'  influence and my family for being knowledgeable.  Dexterity is my middle name.  So is Sponge, Analytical, need I say more?  

Just about anything can open the floodgates of ideas and I am inspired by it all, including lots of other artist's work!  My natural style gravitates toward bold and edgy but I am pretty diverse with my work and take pride in the fact.  In other words, most of my work is not very Fluffy Bunny but I sure can do the Fluffy Bunny!  I am greatly influenced by everything my senses can detect... but gothic imagery, classic film, outer space(where anything is feasible), metaphysics, anatomy, high fashion and music are primary in my colour wheel.  There are limitless resources, that's why I never leave home without a camera and notebook; I must add that Google is tirelessly helpful for me.  Sometimes the ideas formulate from my past experiences and daily life, sometimes they appear out of thin air.  It never stops.  I aggressively rock the UV paint.  Please keep in mind I work just as well with regular paint too.  Most of what I know is self-taught as this comes very naturally to me.  As a one-woman show I really like to do my own thing, including self study;  self study, determination, introspection and discipline helped me to tap into the depths of my gift.  You will find my personality calm and sedate with splashes of passion and intensity!  My art is not satisfactory to me until I've done my best.  A forceful sense of purpose courses through my veins and is propelling me forward, it's just how I am wired.  

Meeting new people and connecting with other like-minded artistes is one of my favourite things.  My resume includes experience painting people, canvas, pools, and hopefully some nice vehicles someday.  I am entertaining requests for paintings.

A big public expression of thanks to everyone I've had the privilege to work with so far - thank you so much for teaming up with me and for your contribution in making my portfolio outstanding.  I feel very fortunate having bumped heads with all of my  Photographers, models, artsy folks have all been swell.  I don't forget anybody's helping hand.

My work is complex and so is my mind.  These are my honest thoughts, feelings and discoveries.  I've been gifted with the ability to empathize vividly, just look at my artwork and that's where you'll find my truest colours.  I am a big fan of Integrity and merging symbols to convey a message.  If you see something you like please make yourself known as this is taking me a lot of courage.  I like to impress people on an emotional level, that's highly gratifying for me.  Creating art is a very powerful outlet for me, I am delighted to share it with the people and hope you find it RELATABLE and stimulating to no end.


It is my honour to give big thanks to these people...

Tiffany Gurden

Shaw News Network

Joleen Mitton

Lloyd Barnes (my main man, our unforgettable bodypaint sessions were awesome and essential to my growth)

Jorge Ruiz 



Jeff Maw 

Cully Firmin

Andrew Nottman


Leanne Christie 

Yared Nigussu 

Lexa Naicu 

Sharleena Lagasse

Rhi (el fresh)

Genevieve Clements 

Rowland Pidlubny

L'Atelier Hair Boutique

Olivia Kienzel

Raw Canvas

Laurie gets a mention...

Liz Raman-Nair

Art World Expo/ Body Paint Competition

People at Blanche Macdonald, VFS and Langara College

my family










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