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The subject matter in this body of work is vast and eclectic.  It is a result of fierce determination and a product of many years of pent up thought and emotion.  I can recommend it for those who enjoy a good puzzle.  Growing up with an exceptionally analytical and sensitive temperament has helped to summon this gathering of designs; I believe it is this part of my character that gives me meticulous dexterity in my work.  I've been fortunate enough to have had many opportunities to travel since a young age; this I can credit for opening my eyes to "what is out there."  While exciting voyages have proven helpful in conjuring creativity, ironically, so is inactivity and inertia.  Throughout adulthood I've acquired interests such as Metaphysics, Criminology, Gemology, Film Arts and the Paranormal, all of which have presence in this work.  I feel that my multidimensional use of ultra violet paints give a definite haunting quality to my perceptions.   I am thankful that my journey and studies have led up to discovering the medium for materializing my lifelong observations.  Working with the airbrush allows me prolific production of work and on large facades.  The tool serves as my brain-megaphone and a cathartic outlet.  I have faith in the luxury of time for thought with little distraction and introspection as a pathway to meaningful art.  When provided this environment I can unleash my true colours;  It is also a zenith time for stumbling upon searing observations into the world.  The type of self study I do consists largely of putting myself into another's shoes, as well as finding out what it genuinely means to be in my own.  Contemplating humanity sometimes evokes a feeling that borders on spirituality.  I choose to make statement pieces which grab attention and that also require some time for unveiling the message.  This is a strategy for holding my audience's interest and I know my style makes for a lasting impression.  Once I have chosen a theme I watch the ideas snowball and multiply themselves while painting until I have ended up with a complex yet harmonious riddle.   My favourite part about art?  There is no such thing as a mistake.  During my painting process I reference many photos and recall lyrics of music that have resonated with me over the years.  I can describe the experience as humanizing and gratifying; it is also a release as I feel much more liberty to speak my mind through pictures that I don't get verbally.  Although my material is so diverse I can maintain that empathy and honesty is the nature of it all.   As an artist I aspire to bring into being a vivid link between one another's emotions as I believe it's what I'm born hardwired to do.   It is a relief relieved to have found the implements to express myself and the courage to share it with the public.


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